Sunday, April 25, 2010

We're alive!

...But what have we been doing?

Well, Dylan is working on sound and music (exciting!), and I've been putting every shot into a separate job bag (Boring!), so we can systemize the visual effects work. What this all means of course is that the edit is locked down - YAAAY! - and the final film is 18 minutes long.

So what's the plan, stan?
Well, once I've got every shot in its own job bag (this week) it'll go to Zane at Sunset Studios to be given a first grade - essentially to give the whole movie a consistent look.

Then we hand out the shots to various people to work on. This includes compositing and a lot of keying. Adam will be working on the animations for the wrist display computer. Which, in case you're wondering, currently looks like this:

LAME! Once Adam finishes of course it will look AWESOME. Can't wait.

Meanwhile, I've been rendering out cloud sequences in Vue and creating backgrounds for the green screen shots... Slow, but enjoyable work, at least it is if you're a geek like me.

In short, there's plenty happening. And if anyone out there knows anyone who could create some realistic CG dust for us, get in touch! We'd love to hook up.