Monday, May 24, 2010

The worm has turned...

Mostly moving between sky renders in Vue to PhotoShop and back at the moment...

While some of the work is about creating nice imagery of Mars, a lot of it is actually just fixing consistency problems... For example, adding clouds to the sky in one shot because it's part of sequence that was shot earlier - when it was cloudy.

Mars is actually not particularly cloudy, but I've taken a bit of artistic liberty and decided to stick with cloudy skies. This is partly because it's easier to leave the clouds in the footage already shot (and add clouds to blue-sky shots), than take them out, and also because it looks great.

It's kind of embarrassing in a way, because it's the sort of thing that the geek in me gets irritated about in other people's sci fi movies!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010


So... 50 hours rendering 40 seconds of Martian sky early this week (for the scene below), followed my 35 hours for 7 seconds of fast moving Martian clouds Weds/Thurs. My poor old computer is crawling.

I'll say one thing though, Vue does a beautiful job of skies; it's clouds are beautiful - it's certainly a godsend for us.

Every shot has now been assigned a job bag and handed over to Sunset for coordination.

Also a big welcome to Harry from Melbourne who is experimenting creating dust for a number of shots. Can't wait to see his results!